Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Bride!

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By Michael

If you check the calendar, you’ll notice today’s date and realize that it is in fact Valentine’s Day. However, today is also my lovely bride’s birthday! (Yes, I have a Valentine’s baby) Since this website is still part personal blog between the reviews and entertainment posts, I felt it was worth sharing my words with the masses.
I don’t post a ton on social media, but I make sure to always mark the occasion of my kids’ and wife’s birthday.  If for no other reason than to make them squirm a little.  🙂
Maybe it’s worth going back and backlogging birthday posts from previous years.  I love my wife and my children so much, that no amount of words ever feel enough.
Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and enjoy my birthday words for my bride’s “Birth-entine” Day
Well, I guess it’s that time.
I was waiting her out to ensure I posted the appropriate amount of embarrassing photos! (It can be argued she cheated by posting none at all)
So here we are to the annual BirthdayValentine’s Day post!
The first year she was my heartthrob girlfriend, last year my amazing fiancé. And this year, I had to remind her she can now shop in the husband section for a card!
I’ve written about how amazing she is, in all facets, the past few years.
So what’s there left to really say?
Well, it’s been a bit of a year, to say the least!
Sure, I could write about how much I love her, or how amazing she is with the kids.
But now I can write about how amazing of a wife she is. How amazing and perfect a partner she is. How she is the perfect stepmom for the kids, or how I can not wait to see her as a mother to our son.
The reality is, there are no words. Sure that’s cliche, but there is no amount or combination of words that can do justice to what we have between us. We have a connection and a bond that I didn’t know was possible before her, and can’t begin to truly explain.
From our inside jokes and ability to pester one another. From sitting together watching a particular show, or her refusal to accept when I’m right. It’s perfect because it’s us.
She looks at me all the time, looking at her wedding band or her belly, and asks how I managed to accomplish it all.
Outside of a reproduction class, I can’t explain anything else beyond it’s just us. It’s always just been us. We are the same couple we were on our first date.
She is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, the parent all my kids deserve, and my perfect wife. I love her unconditionally and will be forever grateful she calls me hers.
Happy birthday my love
Happy Valentine’s Day my forever valentine.
(Please note the lack of adventuring photos and the number of sleeping photos. A pandemic and pregnancy can really change your typical plans)

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