Happy Birthday to my First Born

Today is your birthday, and somehow 15 years have passed already?
I’m not fully convinced of this. I’m going to have to review the records at some point because, frankly, it doesn’t seem possible.
Son, you made me a father (hence the whole “son” part) and have taught me more than you could ever understand. I am the father I am today, because of you and all the things we’ve gone through. (So your brother and sister can equally thank and blame you!)
I love you.
I don’t get the opportunity enough to tell you, and I don’t tell you enough when I can.
I am proud of the man you’re showing signs of becoming. I’m thankful for the big brother you’re becoming, for entertaining me when I try to give you advice, and for being willing to hang out with me at the gym on occasions.
You drive me insane in ways only a son could and I’m forever grateful for that! (Hair loss and all!)
I love you, son.
Happy birthday!!


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