Geek Themed Pregnancy Announcements – Helping Fandom Become a Family Affair

My wife and I are fairly big, self admitting geeks.  Our family’s combined fandoms cross many plains, including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, James Bond, and more.  We knew if we were ever blessed to be parents together, that we would not shy away from our loves, but have them embraced while we raised our child.  When we found out we were expecting, we knew that the geeky inspired announcements were the only way we were going!  Pregnancy announcements, gender reveal, birth, it’s all going to have a touch of nerdom in there.

When we made our initial pregnancy announcement, we just had to have his’ and her’s announcements: Harry Potter themed for Mom and Doctor Who themed for Dad

Harry Potter themed pregnancy announcement     Doctor Who themed pregnancy announcement

Once we found out our little guy was our little guy, it was time for another announcement.  We had jumped through a few hoops to grab this Yoda onesie, so it was the automatic choice in announcing to the world we were having a boy, with a splash of Star Wars flare.

Baby Yoda themed gender reveal

When it comes to birth announcements, who knows what we’ll have in store.  My wife has already grabbed some Potter-themed onesies.  So far I’ve failed at finding a Spider-Man related one, but with Mom doing all the work here in a few months, I say we may just stick to the one fandom when we announce to the world our little man’s arrival.

Either way, fandom and excitement for our little man are alive and thriving in this household.


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