Our First Venture into “Fan Art”

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By Michael

It’s been documented before, but Abby loves to draw.  Sometimes it feels like she never stops. Thankfully it’s one activity that I enjoy doing with her, and it’s a good distraction on nights she’s having trouble relaxing and falling asleep.  Up to this point, it’s always been doodles or rudimentary animals or people, however, I think we’ve broken through to a new realm of art: Fan art.

I spoke of the need to sometimes calm Abby down in the evenings for bed.  Since her mother and I separated she’ll occasionally have issues of wanting to stay up, especially on her first night with me.  We’ve recently developed a routine of watching Cutthroat Kitchen.  It’s gotten so bad at times, that I’ve had to promise her it’s on DVR and it’s safe for her to fall asleep and she can find out who the winner is the next day.  (Yes, this kid gets that invested)  So with Cutthroat Kitchen comes Alton Brown.  Let me tell you: Abby loves her some Alton!  So it should really come as a huge surprise that our first foray into fan art would be for none other than Mr. Brown himself.

Not gonna lie, I don’t think it’s half bad.  Plus, I can’t get her to draw me with anywhere near this level of effort.

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