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When I first launched Fatherhood: Reloaded, I meant it to be an outlet. Going back to my roots of blogging about my kids and life. I was having a new baby over a decade after my last. I was having a baby just a few months after turning 40. In my head, the equations were there and lining up to equal another successful website. The final nail in the coffin to deciding to move forward came when I decided on the site’s name and the domain was available. (Seriously, how many people secure their first domain choice these days?)

So everything was lining up perfectly. I had things I could write about. I had products I could highlight and review. Trying to get myself back into the gym and working out meant more content. Things that were popular in the 80s when I was growing up have found themselves renewed and popular again. Leading me to add a bit of nostalgic flair to the site.

I’m not just a Dad, I’m a husband, at the time with a pregnant wife, so clearly that’s a straightforward decision! Throw in a bit of family entertainment, and I now have a website geared towards not just Dads, but men and families. Maybe not the most niche of websites, but it was mine and things were going well.

Speed up to when we found out we were going to have a son a few weeks earlier than planned. Chaos ensues, but all things good. Then our son arrives, and we realize not just all the issues he has, but how drastic our plans and paths ahead of us have changed. Eight weeks of mental and physical exhaustion and turmoil ensue. Things that truly cannot ever be put into words.

So that was then. This is now.

All the things I listed above, that relate to this website where you’re reading this post, all still apply.

I’ve been off my game for a bit, I owe some people some reviews, and I have some catching up to do. I still need a creative outlet, and I still want to provide stories and highlight things that excite me. Yes, I have a son with Arthrogryposis, so things are a little different for me. I changed the Fatherhood: Reloaded logo and color scheme to reflect that. Now being blue, the color of Arthrogryposis awareness.

I still have a nearly 2-month-old son, I’m still 40, and I’m still horribly out of shape. I want this to be a happy, entertaining site. I would love to have guest writers at some point and expand what the site covers. The plans and hopes and dreams I have for Fatherhood: Reloaded still are there.

When I put up my original post regarding my son’s AMC diagnosis, I felt that if I was to continue to blog and write, that the focus of this site would change.

Then I realized just what blogging about my son and our journey meant and could mean for others. My wife created a Facebook page to allow people to follow as we take our son to specialists and find our way on this journey we’re now on. Seeing that kind of response and seeing the landscape of the intra-webs related to Arthrogryposis, I realized that this site wasn’t what I needed to do.

So, we’ve finally reached the point of this long-winded post: to introduce you to: The Greene Affect.

TGA is and will be a blog in the most basic streamlined sense. I won’t be posting products or highlighting things there. That fun stuff is for here. TGA is for a lack of a better description: my personal blog. It’s not going to be all rainbows and sunshine. The blog is a rollercoaster all its own. I’ve found myself writing little notes, almost as a journal, as we’ve been going the past few months, and I’ve started to compile them into posts, so there is plenty there already! (I’ve just now gotten myself comfortable with the idea of sharing it)

I’ll still be posting about fatherly exploits, especially those involving my new guy on here.  I admit there may be 1-2 cross-posts or variations of such, but those will be few and far between.

So for those that may be interested in a more personal insight from a husband and father who has a newborn with Arthrogryposis, The Greene Affect is the place to go.

As I say on the blog itself:

This blog is for anyone wanting to follow the adventure we are on with HG and Arthrogryposis.
A place for other parents and families to help them not feel alone and find their way through this journey.
Welcome to The Greene Affect, I promise you’re not alone.

If all my ramblings can eventually help even one person, then I’ve accomplished more than I could have ever hoped!

And for those ever interested, I will always highlight the latest post on The Greene Affect down on the bottom of this site. So feel free to check it out any and all the time!



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