Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl

by Michael

12 years.

Somehow my baby girl is 12 years old.

I’m not really sure how that happened!

Yes, today my sweet, silly, cosplaying, underdog defending, YouTube personality purveyor, creative, big-hearted Bug turns 12.

Abigail, you’ve had my heart and my number from day 1. You’ve always known when I needed some Abby attention, regardless of the distance between us. You have the ability to bring me to tears as quickly as you can get me laughing.

Your spirit and heart are unmatched. Your creativity, drive, and determination are inspiring. For the last 12 years, you have proven there’s nothing like a daughter’s love. You’re the perfect sister for both your brothers. You’ve always looked out for your older brother despite being his little sister, and there is no question that you’ll continue to shine as the protective, older sister.

I look forward to watching you grow as your little brother does. To watch you handle having that annoying younger sibling that looks up and adores you.

I say it every year; that you’ve grown too much and too quick, and it feels even more true this year. Every year feels like it’s going by quicker and quicker. I can barely keep up with you. I will forever be grateful for the hugs and the cuddles you still want from your ole’ Dad. There have been countless times I’ve probably needed those hugs from you more than you needed them from me.

You’re still finding your path, your voice, but never once looking over others. You continue to be the same caring, selfless person you have always been. I am so proud of who you are, who you’re growing up to be. Proud to be your Dad and so very proud and thankful to have you as my daughter.

I love you Bug. Happy Birthday!

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