A Simple Crayon Drawing to Make Daddy Happy

by Michael

While I’m sitting here in a small town in Kentucky waiting on a phone company to get back in contact with me, I thought I’d sit here and take advantage of the town’s free Wi-fi to write up and share a little something that happened earlier.

To give you some background; Abby loves going through stuff, like any kid her age does. Now that she has figured out how to work a zipper, if something has a zipper, she wants to see what is inside.

Well, last night was no exception to the latest obsession when it came to my laptop bag.  I, of course, had no issue with her going through it, as she wasn’t going to hurt anything, plus it was keeping her happy and occupied thinking she was doing something special going through Daddy’s bag.  At one point, she brings over a notepad I carry in the bag that I use for writing down notes and sometimes doodling when I’m bored.  Of course, I ripped out a page for my Bug, letting her sit next to me and draw with her crayons on one of Daddy’s sheets of paper.  Nothing special, nothing really extravagant, but it made her happy and brought joy to her eyes, and that’s what matters.

Well, I’m not sure when or how since I was sitting right next to her, but the little booger managed to draw on more than the one sheet of paper I ripped out for her!  Earlier I was searching my bag for a cable that I typically carry with me, and found that said cable had been replaced with 2 crayons.  Fortunately, from the work perspective, it wasn’t a big deal. Yes, my sweet daughter had taken the cable I was looking for, out of the bag. But even if it had ruined the entire day, I don’t think it would have mattered to me, because seeing those two crayons sitting in my bag just brought so much joy and love into me that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little.

On a day where I’m already dragging my feed before noon, finding myself less than motivated, my baby girl finds a way to breathe life and energy into me and brighten my entire day and demeanor. Simply by leaving two colored, wax sticks in my laptop bag.

Now, of course, I’d like to sit here and think that she did it on purpose.  Being clever enough to know if she left them in my bag, that at some point Daddy would see them, knowing she left them there, and it would bring happiness and a smile to him, brightening his entire day up. You would think that would be the extent of it, but nope!  I pull out my notepad, to make a few notes on my hours the past few days and some random thoughts I had, and what do I find?  A brown doodled mess!  So if the crayons weren’t enough to bring me a little bit of joy, the doodle that my baby girl somehow managed to sneak into my notebook for me to find has brightened my entire day!

She might not be 2 just yet, but I’m giving my baby all the credit in the world on knowing how to make her Daddy happy, on what will end up being another long day for me today, she’s managed to give me the extra step to get through it with a smile.  Thank you, baby.

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