Episode 2: Pandemic Wedding: A Love Story

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By Michael

Our second episode of the week?! After the previous introductory episode, I felt it was worth putting out a real episode to get the ball rolling on this thing. After this, we’ll start going with a weekly release schedule.

About the Episode

Getting married in a pandemic?  Why not!!  (Thanks COVID-19)
All stories have a beginning, and for Fatherhood: Reloaded, this is where ours essentially begins.  This is our foundation.  In the episode Jenna (my wife) makes her podcast debut!  We talk about and tell our love story, about being ‘90% single’, the surprise proposal I was able to pull off, and managing to throw together a quick, socially distant, drive-in wedding in the middle of a pandemic.

**This episode is a replay from a previous, short-lived podcast we started early last year.  This and other episodes will gradually be integrated into the Fatherhood: Reloaded feed.

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About the Fatherhood: Reloaded Podcast

A husband, father, and occasional Dad blogger. He’s married and having a new baby over a decade after his last kid.
Follow the adventures through fatherhood, geeking out on movies, sports, and anything else. The struggles and successes in fitness, and basically relearning a few things in fatherhood at 40.
Being a Dad is like a big ball of Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey…Stuff (10 points for a Doctor Who reference!)

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