Episode 1: And Now an Introduction

by Michael

About the Episode

I mean really, what do you put for a first episode?  This is an introduction to Fatherhood: Reloaded, the podcast, and the website.  I give a little history behind what brought me to this point in podcasting and refer back to previous podcasts such as Geekasms.  What I’ve previously done and what I plan to do are all wrapped up in this opening episode (which is honestly just here to get the feed, and myself going.)

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About the Fatherhood: Reloaded Podcast

A husband, father, and occasional Dad blogger. He’s married and having a new baby over a decade after his last kid.
Follow the adventures through fatherhood, geeking out on movies, sports, and anything else. The struggles and successes in fitness, and basically relearning a few things in fatherhood at 40.
Being a Dad is like a big ball of Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey…Stuff (10 points for a Doctor Who reference!)

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