A Podcast About Picking Your 3 Franchises Through the End of Time

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By Michael

Yes, its a podcast episode based off a list! An impossible list in fact, without rules or reason, which resulted in a bit of fan/geek rage.  In this episode Michael brings in long time podcasting veterans Wes and Jarrod from ‘Those People and Him’ fame to talk about this particular ‘You can only keep 3’ list:

With options such as Disney, Middle Earth, Doctor Who, Marvel, Game of Thrones, DC Comics, Star Wars and Star Trek, the conversation and complaints about the list proved to be many!  As a bonus, Jenna makes her second appearance on the podcast to give her picks, which inadvertently cause things to spin out of control.  Discussions on drones, social media marketing, and sexual awakenings all find their way into this episode; proving this truly is a podcast about…literally anything and everything.

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