Episode 4: The Great Retro Video Game Podcast

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With videogames being the talk of the town with the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 being nearly impossible to find, along with the recent Gamestop Stock chaos, why not go back to a simpler time?  A time of 8-bit graphics and joysticks.  With recent streaming game service announcements like Plex Arcade and AtGames ArcadeNet that are falling back to the games of the Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, and Neo Geo, what better time is there to revisit those classic retro video games than now?

Michael is joined this episode with a few friends to cover the home consoles of the BP (before Playstation) era and their favorite games.

**This episode is a replay of an episode from a previous podcast: Geekasms

**Be sure to check out Rob’s podcast: Live from the Man Attic


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