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VADE Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Scoops – Review

Have you ever been scrolling social media, only to find an ad for a product you’ve never heard of, but you find yourself intrigued?  Well, that’s the basis for how I was first introduced to VADE Nutrition.  I’m on the road nearly every day for work and have found it at times difficult to stick to a healthy diet when the convenience of drive-throughs and gas stations are all around when I’m facing a 2-3 hour drive home.  So this product, which touted the portability of dissolvable protein packets grabbed my attention and intrigue almost immediately.

I know, some of you reading this will have that immediate thought that I can just make a shake in the morning.  Throw some powder in a shaker cup and go, and while yes, that’s valid, even that is not always convenient for me, plus; I’m a sucker for a gimmick!!

The reality is, that VADE Nutrition’s dissolvable protein scoops are a veritable game-changer in a lot of ways.  The convenience of just being able to grab a pack of protein as you run out the door?  I mean, come on!!

VADE Nutrition is a family-owned company out of Michigan and was started by two former collegiate athletes Joe and Megan Johnson in 2017.

The pods themselves are made with 100% food-grade ingredients and begin dissolving practically immediately once they’ve been introduced to liquids.  I’ve never had to do anything beyond throw one in a cup and shake a few times, with or without a blender ball.  That’s not to say they’re susceptible to moisture.  As of writing this, I’ve never experienced a pod being to dissolve or “melt” like you’ll see detergent pods do.  These bad boys don’t betray you like that!  Each dissolvable protein scoop is a single serving of 20g of high-quality 100% whey protein isolate.

The dissolvable packaging itself is a food-grade film and has been designed to be safely ingested by being made up of food binders found in common, everyday foods, and does not add anything to the calorie content of the scoops.  If you didn’t know it was there prior to putting it in the cup, you’d never notice the packaging.  It dissolved completely and doesn’t affect the taste or texture of the protein itself.  (Speaking of taste, the chocolate ROCKS!  One of my favorite chocolate proteins, hands down)

Some additional nutritional facts, directly from their website are:

  • 20 grams of protein per serving

  • 4.4 grams of BCAAS

  • 90 Calories

  • 1 Carb

  • Fat Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Lactose Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Keto Friendly


The package I ordered was their vanilla and chocolate combo pack, containing 15 servings of each flavor.  Both flavors are outstanding, but as I said before, the chocolate is out of this world for being able to take it on the go like it is.  If I stop at the aforementioned gas station, get a small 1-2% milk, and throw it in my cup, it’s the perfect chocolate milk to pick me up in the middle of the day.

Currently, VADE Nutrition is sporting a 95% 5-star rating on its website with just under 3k reviews. (They also don’t shy away from the 1 and 2-star reviews like some other sites like to do)  VADE Nutrition also has a strawberry milkshake and a Blue Razz pre-workout, which you can pretty much guarantee will be purchased in the near future.  You can check out all their flavors, plus a 100% plant-based chocolate protein pack on their website.

I could not recommend a product more.  They’re worth your time checking out!

Bottom line: Currently one of my favorite products.  It’s a convenient, high-quality supplement, that is so easy to take with me anywhere I go.  You can’t go wrong


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