Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Shaver Review

This head shaver just doesn't make the cut

by Michael

When it comes to reviews I aim to be honest and upfront without a lot of fluff.  For this Freedom Grooming review of the FlexSeries Shaver, I’m going to be upfront; I came away disappointed.

The idea of having an electric razor, for my head, where I could get a quick, clean shave was such an exciting proposition for me.

I’ve never had luck or have been satisfied with an electric razor, ever. I don’t know if it’s because of the type of hair I have, or that I’m highbrow and like the feel of a slick and smooth shave, but I’ve never had a satisfying shave from an electric razor of any type, and Freedom Grooming falls into that category as well.

The product itself comes with multiple attachments.

  • Flexible Blade System – which has a high-performance five-head rotary blade that comfortably follows the contours of your head, face, and body.
  • Precision Clipper – includes 3, 5, and 7mm safety guards to trim as your desired length.
  • Ear & Nose Trimmer – dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover.
  • Exfoliation Brush – a charcoal-infused, deep-cleansing brush specially designed for removing impurities, brightening the complexion, and keeping pores clear.
  • Pre-Shave Massage – When used to apply a pre-shave oil, will prepare you for the most comfortable shave of your life.
  • Additional Accessories – protective cover for the blade, brush to clean off leftover hair, and rapid USB-charging cable.

On paper, all this looks good. It looks great even. In my use, though, all these items seemed to have 1 common issue; power. Yes, they all do their job. They perform adequately as advertised. Adequately, as far as it goes for me, though. It just seemed like nothing had the “oomph” I wanted it to have. Again, maybe I have coarser hair (where I have it) but the trimmer would struggle once in a while on a simple ear or nose hair. If there are any hairs on the body, you don’t want a trimmer to be weak on and potentially pull are without question, the ear and nose hairs!

Adequate is really the best way for me to describe this product.

Which again, is a disappointment to me. I loved the handle. I loved the fact that I could use it in and out of the shower. Wet or dry. With or without shaving cream. The ergonomics of the shaver, where it follows the curvature of my head between its 5 blades, was just too sweet. And it did the job! It cut my hair, trimmed it down to stubble. But that’s all it could manage; stubble. Sometimes it would leave patches and be inconsistent across my head. I chalk that up more to user error, but it could be the razor itself. The highlight for me out of everything may be the exfoliation brush. This isn’t exactly something you want to be saying when talking about a shaver, but that’s where we are.

If this was marketed as a trimmer I’d give it very high marks, but because they label this as a shaver, I just can’t. 10 out of 10 times I’d pick my trusty razor over this, despite the quickness and convenience it gives me.

Now, when it all boils down to it, that could be much more a preference than anything else. So all of this is simply 1 man’s opinion. (As are all the reviews here on the site) However, I will say, if you have coarse hair at all, I’m hard-pressed to recommend this product to you.

Freedom Grooming - FlexSeries Head and Body Shaver




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E.J. February 3, 2022 - 1:51 pm

I concur with your assessment. I don’t think it is just your head since I have fine hair, where it grows, I am also left with patches. I did find that if I just run the shaver over my head instead of applying pressure, it seems to be better. However, I will use this to shave down to a stubble and then use my razor.


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