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So, way back in 2011/12, I started getting books and other things to review on the old Geekasms* site.  One of those was this awesome little ABC board book ‘My Little Geek’, unfortunately, when I received it, Abby was a little young to really appreciate it, so I set it back with the intentions of using it and highlighting it later.  Like many things in life that you “put back” with the intentions of revisiting, this little guy got lost on a shelf for a few years.  I can’t really say why I’ve held onto this for nearly a decade as most of that time I was certain I wasn’t going to have any more children.  Seems the universe knew better than I did, as now with H.G. on the way, I fully intend on using this!  So technically this is little man’s first book!!

I hate that I never reviewed this book before as it’s pretty awesome!  The book will teach your kid their ABCs just like other ABC books, but this one is filled to the brim with awesome geekiness.  A is for Apple? Nope!  A is for Android, bringing joy to Data himself. Check out a few of the pages before for an idea of just how cool this old book is.

Imagine the joy of hearing your two year old chatting away about his holographic ninja or time traveling joystick. From Android to Zombie, this educational book will keep the little ones and parents entertained all night long.

The book was written by New Zealand-based couple Andrew and Sarah Spear, who also went on to write additional “geeky” books Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes.

Unfortunate, the problem with highlighting and reviewing a book nearly a decade late, is that sometimes things change, as is with ‘My Little Geek.’  The Spears produced 10,000 books in total and officially sold out back in November 2017.  However, all is not lost! After selling out, the couple made digital versions of all three of their books available for free in Apple’s iBooks store!!

While I admit, it’s not the same as the physical book, sometimes it’s good to have something on hand “just in case” and while they are digital and will be on your iPhone or iPad, they’re free!!  You literally have nothing to lose with adding these to your library and parental repertoire.  So go check these bad boys out!

My Little Geek  |  Nerdy Numbers  |  Sci-fi Shapes

*Click here for more information on that old site

It may be a decade late, but this book is still a fun ABC book for kids and parents alike.


My Little Geek ABC Board Book


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