Tile Starter Pack Review – A Powerful Weapon Against ‘Pregnancy Brain’

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By Michael

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel that we can all agree that ‘pregnancy brain’ is a real phenomenon that afflicts nearly all pregnant women in some fashion. Forgetting to turn off the oven, misplacing keys, placing their wallet in the freezer. It happens, and no matter how prepared you are for it, the heartbreak is still there for your partner when they finally start showing signs.

It’s true, preparation can only go so far.  You can never be sure if, when, or where it will strike, but you can help eliminate a number of possible weak points for the affliction to take advantage of. Tile can be the savior for any and all absent-minded individuals and can prove to be a lifesaver and stress lowered.

I’ve been a Tile user for a few years now, and having my Tile Pro on my keyring has saved me a time or two for sure, but you’re not here for my ringing endorsement (or maybe you are?).  No, you’re here for the breakdown and overall review of the latest and greatest from Tile, a true hero in the realm of Pregnancy Brain, so let’s get to it.

The Background

If you’ve not heard about Tile until now, you’re a bit behind, so let’s get you up to speed.  Tile is THE name in Bluetooth tracker game, a game (and market) that it, and it alone essentially created.  Yes, there have been rival factions attempt to come in and have their champion crowned.  There have been the Fakers of the world, but at the end of the day, no one has truly been able to capture the attention of the market and take the thrown from Tile.

The concept is truly quite simple, but simple doesn’t have to be bad, it just means you have to do what you’re aiming for at a high level, which Tile succeeds in.  The short version of what we’re talking about here is: with Tile, you’re tagging or attaching a Bluetooth tracker to the objects of your choice, and if you happen to misplace said item, you can track it down using your smartphone and the Tile app, as long as you’re within range.  However, in a stroke of genius, it doesn’t stop there.  It’s not a one-way street of loss prevention but a 2-lane highway.  Let’s say you have your keys, but unable to find your phone: Tile is there to save the day.  Using your Tile that’s paired to your phone, you can use your Bluetooth tracker to ‘ping’ your phone as well. It’s a technical symbiotic relationship.

Your Warriors

In your battle, you’re paired with two weapons in the Tile Starter Packer: Tile Mate and Tile Slim:


Tile Mate (2020)
Measuring in at 35mm x 35mm x 6.2mm the water-resistant Mate comes offering a range up to 200ft / 61m and a 1-Year Replaceable CR1632, the Tile Mate is perfect for your keys.





Tile Slim (2020)
Measuring in at  86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm, the Waterproof Slim comes offering a 200ft / 61m range and a 3-year built-in battery, the Tile Slim is perfect for wallets.




One thing I really appreciate with Tile is the simplicity of setting up your devices.  You simply download the Tile app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the in-app instructions.

You open up the app, select that you want to add Add a Tile, select which device you’re activating (I really am going to have to get some stickers!) then follow the prompts to Activating the Tile.  Once activate, you select the category of what your device will be attached to. You then have the option of if you’d like your Tile to be able to also find your phone, and you’re done!

In less time than it would take to search the couch cushions for the 80th time, you now have the power to battle again pregnancy brain and absent-mindedness in the Coliseum!

Additional Armor

While you are able to use your Tile Mate and Slim out of the box without any additional charges, an upgrade to Premium or Premium Protect gives you added benefits, including Smart Alerts, Free Battery Replacement, Extended Warranty, and more.

Proactive features and Services – $2.99/mo | $29.99/yr

Premium Protect
All Premium features, plus up to $1000 Item Reimbursement –  $99.99/yr ($8.33/mo)

You can find the breakdown between Free, Premium, and Premium Protect below.

Comrade in Arms

Tile can also be set up to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to find your keys hands free (or if you’ve found yourself unable to find your phone and your keys) by simply saying “Alex (or ‘Hey Google’), find my keys”

Final Word

While I could continue this Gladiator theme through the end of this, the fact is, there isn’t a need.  Yes, Tile can help with what some call pregnancy brain. I’m witnesses pregnancy brain now and finding a way to eliminate the stress of hunting for keys that have been left in a random place or still in coat pockets hasn’t been unthanked. (Reality is, my wife, forgets where she leaves her keys all the time, so this was a welcomed addition to our household, pregnancy or not).  I’ll even admit I’ve used mine a number of times to find my keys as I’ve left them in any number of places while we’ve been in the process of moving into our new house. Tile is one of those things that you may think is unneeded, but once you have one and you use it, you’ll be happy you had it.

You can grab the Tile Starter Pack for $49.99 off Amazon, so you can get both devices without breaking the bank. If you’re just looking for 1; the Tile Mate goes for $24.99, and the Tile Slim for $27.86.

You can check out all the Tile products on their site, include the Pro and Sticker. (gotta get me a sticker!)

Tile Starter Pack - Tile Mate & Tile Slim


Overall Score



  • Good range
  • Two-way find feature
  • Doesn't require Premium subscription to work


  • Range isn't consistent

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