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By Michael

I wasn’t planning on writing a review on this when I wrote my post retiring my original bracelet, but frankly, they deserve an extra shoutout.

Originally given to me by my wife as a “couple’s gift” my Crossed Paths bracelet from Wanderer Bracelets never left my wrist.


Swimming in pools and the ocean. Hiking, the gym, moving, equipment rollouts at work. The list of things I put this bracelet through is a bit ridiculous, and it lasted for two solid years before the final thread finally gave way.

Fact is, nothing is meant to be worn 24/7, and go through the abuse I gave this thing.

And it lasted!!

Trust me when I say; I’ll be getting a new Wanderer Bracelet to replace my old one sooner rather than later!
(Just giving my wife until probably my birthday to see if it replaces it for me! )

Wanderer Bracelet


Overall Score



  • Stylish
  • Wears comfortably
  • Can take abuse

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