A Right of Passage: First Time Shaving

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By Michael

With circumstances how they’ve always been, I’m missed pretty much 100% of Canaan’s “firsts” in his life: first word, first step, first lost tooth, all the major milestones.  However, I managed to secure one, and it’s thankfully an important one to me.  Growing up, my Dad wasn’t much for “teaching” us things outside of sports, and myself being left-handed meant I didn’t even get a ton of that. One thing I do remember is the first time he showed me how to shave, like really shave, and that’s been a memory I’ve held onto hope that I’d be able to make with Canaan.

His hair might not be as dark as mine, but the boy had a few wild hairs, plus some decent peach fuzz going, so it was definitely time for the first run of the razor.  Despite that, it took some coaxing to get him to give a shot.  Nervousness reigned supreme on him however and I essentially shave his face for him after he took a few passes on his cheeks.  Nothing wrong with that, and I assured him of that.  Hell, until my recent endeavor with a razor I hadn’t truly been clean-shaven in 3-4 years at least, and that stems from my disdain of shaving my own chin as much as anything else.

I’m beyond thankful I have such an amazing wife who took some photos and captured all this unfolding.  I’m liking going to remember this and cherish it much more than him, and that’s ok.  This was something I got to have with him, something between us. Something that cant change that or take it away.  Something that I will, without question, look back on fondly in the years to come.



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Helped @canaanparsons out with shaving for the first time last weekend. 🎥 @_jennablue_

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