Goodbye Pandemic Beard

by Michael

So it’s been a few crazy months, hasn’t it?  A pandemic that’s kept me working from home, a socially distant wedding in the middle of it all, hell lets be honest: 2020 has been crazy up to this point, but through it all, I’ve had one constant this entire time: my beard. (And my amazing bride and awesome dog, but this post is about my beard…you get the point) My friend, my companion, my beard has always there.  I’ve let him get a little wild these past few months where I’ve only been seeing family.  Sure there have been a few WebEx and Zoom calls, but that’s been it.  You can blame it on being stir-crazy or just wanting to mix things up with everything being so cookie-cutter day in and day out, but for the first time in at least 3-4 years, I decided to chop him off.  I decided to shave my face in its entirety.

Two things are unique with this event: this is the first time I’ve had my face clean-shaven since I started shaving my head a few years ago, and this is also the first time my wife has ever seen my chin. (Had to nail her down first!)


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Your wife’s reaction when she sees you without a beard for the first time…

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So whenever you do such a drastic removal of facial hair, it’s state law that you shave it in different configurations as you work your way down, I swear.  So of course I hit the goatee, the Cap’n Lou, a Fu Manchu, and mustache on my way down to a bare face!

I admit it’s weird.  My lips seem crazy big to me right now, I don’t remember my face looking this round either.  Plus the wife and daughter aren’t fans. Essentially all this means is: tomorrow is day 1 of the new beard!!

Because I can’t stand this, gotta get this bad boy grown back out!!

Why the hell did I do this to myself?  I blame you COVID!  I blame you!

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