A Dad Bod Confession – First Month Check-in

by Michael

Starting off this dad bod confession with a blogger confession: I did not plan on doing this monthly update when I first published that first Dad Bod Confession post a month ago. Even though I was writing it as the beginning mark of me trying to get myself back on the right track, and to hold myself accountable, I never considered making it a monthly thing. The idea didn’t even come to me until a few days ago if I’m being completely transparent.

With all that said, what do things look like a month later?

Well, I’ll say that the scale itself is showing a slightly lighter number than it did the night I wrote that original post. I’m down nearly 2lbs. I definitely feel myself getting stronger and my muscles are waking up realizing we’re doing this again. So that’s nice.

I wish I could say going to the gym is back in the daily routine, but it’s not. I’ve averaged 3-4 times a week this last month. So nothing awful, but there were plenty of nights that I had to make myself go for 45 minutes. It’s been easy to find excuses, be it going to my son’s track meet or niece’s softball game and not getting back home in time, or simply letting a certain little boy’s bath time run extra long. Gym time is there for roll call, but it has not yet made the leap back to being a staple in my life.

I would say the biggest takeaway from this first month is that I’m just not enjoying the gym like I used to. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still so out of shape that it’s much more work than enjoyable to me, or that it is a group of guys that I affectionately refer to as The Three Stooges.

They’re obnoxious, they take up 2-3 machines at a time just so they can look at themselves in the mirror, and their form is so bad, I’m waiting for one of them to rip a shoulder out. I know it shouldn’t phase me, but sometimes they just take me out of the zone, especially when I’m the only other person there besides them.

Outside of that, things have been progressing well, I suppose. Not lightning fast by any means, but I feel there is forward progress. No signs of that in how clothes fit yet, but I’m confident it is coming (plus I refuse to go up a size). My energy still isn’t where I should be, and my diet, while better, still needs some heavy reworking.

Adding cardio weekly in the form of push mowing my lawn has played havoc with me the next day, however. I’m racking up 3.5-4 miles of walking on average in push mowing the yard. The next day is also the sorest day I have in the week. Despite going to the gym, my body has clearly not been prepared for that level of work. This coming month I’m hoping to increase the cardio some more to help improve my stamina. It would be nice to not be breathing heavily after a few flights of stairs. I even, for the first time, signed up for a “Beat the Boss” step challenge through work to try to help motivate.

I’m currently ranked in the 80s out of 174 people. So, as with most things, it’s not entirely optimal.

Oh, and my sleep schedule has gone from bad to worse. Seems I’ve picked up a bit of insomnia, which is kicking me down to 4-5 hours of sleep a night. (And before anyone asks, this is on the gym and non-gym nights).

So there you have it. A quick, dirty recap of my past month’s attempt at trimming up this dad bod. The next month will probably prove more challenging because the ole day job is about to get crazy busy! For now, however, check out the products I’ve been using or tried this past month and their quick snippet review.
(Spoilers: Next month will likely be all about GHOST x TMNT)

GHOST Hydration – Lemon Crush

Legit actually loving this stuff. Typically the first thing I’ll drink once I’m home from work. Should really sit down and do an actual review of this stuff, because up to this point, I’ve been enjoying it.

MuscleTech Platinum Whey + Muscle Builder – Triple Chocolate

I’ve not had a ton of MuscleTech protein flavors, but this one is by far my favorite. Mixes easy. Easy to drink without that processed aftertaste some other proteins tend to have. Just disappointed I’m nearly out of it.

MuscleTech Muscle Builder PM

Got this to try and help with the insomnia. The serving size is 3 tablets and I’ve not been brave enough to go past two for fear I won’t wake up on time the next morning. When I remember to take it at a reasonable time, they seem to help with getting to sleep.

Strada Insulated Stainless Steel Blender Bottle

Still my daily go-to. The current king of cups as far as I’m concerned!

3 bags of Sweetart Jelly Beans

I have a weakness, do not judge! Plus, they’re the best jelly bean you can find!

And way too many energy drinks!

GHOST and C4 seem to be my go-tos lately when I make a gas station stop. I admit I have another weakness.

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