The GHOST X TMNT “Ooze” Collection Drops Tomorrow!

Full Turtle Power on the GHOST App 4/27

by Michael

The GHOST x TMNT Collaboration drops exclusively on the GHOST app tomorrow, and to say that GHOST is going all out, may just be an understatement!

In what GHOST is saying is their largest collab drop to date with 4 products, 5 pieces of apparel, 2 shakers, and even a pizza box! You can check out everything that’s getting released tomorrow below.


Leonardo… the dedicated, confident leader of the group. Just like the twin katanas, two scoops of GHOST LEGEND® x TNT® will blow the manhole cover off your next workout with everything you have come to know and love from GHOST LEGEND®, plus added NeuroFactor‘ and the EPIC TMNT® “OOZE” flavor..once it’s gone, it’s gone fam.


Raphael….. let’s face it, there’s no better fit for a GHOST® PUMP collab. Yeah, Raph can be a bit of a hothead, but also fiercely loyal…just like these pumps. GHOST® PUMP x TMNT® “OOZE” is perfect for a stim-free sesh in the lair or stack it with GHOST LEGEND® × TMNT® “OOZE” for double the turtle power.



Michelangelo…the personable, pizza-loving party dude and obvious match for GHOST® GAMER. Toss back some GHOST® GAMER x TNT® “OOZE” and those nunchuck skills will translate to some serious skills on the sticks. Note: EPIC pizza parties and twitch streams not included, but strongly encouraged



Donatello…. the most cerebral turtle and certainly the brains of the bunch. GHOST® GAMER NON-STIM x TMNT® “OOZE packs all the brain gains without the stims to invoke the Donatello-inspired genius in all of us.



You know we can’t drop a dope collab without apparel & merch to match. The GHOST® x TMNT® capsule consists of 5 pieces of apparel, 2 radical shakers, and a collector’s item GHOST® PIZZA BOX. There’s no way you can choose just one.

We were totally the dudes that had every piece of TMNT® gear growing up. I’m talking the lunchbox, tees, sweatshirts, Halloween costumes – I even had a turtles bike, so this collab hits hard. We’re grateful for the opportunity to put a GHOST® spin on the iconic legends in a half shell. Let the (pizza) party begin.

-Ryan Hughes, GHOST Co-Founder, CMO

GHOST® x TMNT® drops Wednesday, April 27th at 12 PM CT exclusively on the GHOST App.


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