No, BLUEY is Not Set to End After Season 3!

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By Michael

For all parents that saw the Daily Mail headline suggesting that Bluey would be ending after three seasons due to the voice cast getting older, you can breathe easy, the Heelers aren’t going away just yet.

For those who missed it, the Daily Mail posted an article, claiming “sources close to the show” were claiming the series may “wrap up” due to the young actor who voices Bluey’s voice changing. Such news of course sent both Bluey Facebook groups and the Bluey Reddit to go into a tailspin. While created for children, the series is loved and adored by both children and their parents. (This current parent notwithstanding).

Eventually, Daily Mail had to update their article with a quote from Ludo Studio, the Australian studio behind Bluey, who had released a statement to Daily Mail Australia saying that the rumors (which the Daily Mail had started) were ‘inaccurate’.

‘We absolutely love Bluey and there are no plans to end the show. We always finish a season before planning the next one and right now we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future – we can’t wait to share new episodes.’

Due to the overwhelming uproar, however, the official Bluey TV social media channels had to release their own statement as well:


Daley Pearson, a co-founder of Ludo, also took to Twitter to respond to the “news” of the decision to end the series after 3 seasons.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, there is no need to panic as currently Bluey is not officially ending.

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