BEE BALD REFRESH WIPES – Your Individually Wrapped Best Friends

by Michael

SO, let’s just start this out with a come clean moment; I. AM. BALD.

We’re not talking a Dwayne Johnson “its a choice” bald; we’re talking Patrick Stuart, horseshoe bald (with a tiny little unicorn island upfront).

For years, I simply kept my hair buzzed pretty close to the scalp, using a beard trimmer like once a week. Then, about a year and a half ago, on really a whim, I started shaving my head.  It sounds silly, but it was something of a scary proposition the first time I did it. But now? There’s no turning back! This head is staying shaved!!

Anyway, getting away from the actual point of this post: Reviewing the Bee Bald Refresh wipes.

So, since I started shaving my head, one thing I’ve noticed, especially during the summer, is how extra shiny the midday scalp can get.  Possibly, a bit greasy you might say.

So a random conversation with my girlfriend a few months ago, about this fact, lead her to go down the Amazon rabbit hole. Her travels resulted in ordering me a bald head-related product, and thus I was introduced to the brand Bee Bald, and their products.

The specific product in question (as if the title didn’t spoil that surprise!) were these individually wrapped refresh wipes.  Immediately I had reservations. I really questioned their strength and ability to hold up, especially once I went a day or two without shaving, and my head started getting pretty sandpapery rough. (Remember, Star Trek: The Next Generation Patrick Stuart hairline)

Once I had these wipes in hand, I went and did a little investigating myself. Seeing what exactly the girlfriend had gotten me. When I went on Amazon to look at the reviews, there were 1 or 2 that read like the wipes were dry. Upfront: an issue I never experienced.  Not sure if those people received a random wipe that was packaged wrong during production or what, but out of the 30 I had, all 30 came out just like you’d like a wipe to be.  Not too wet, not too dry, just the right amount of moisture.  (and if you’re smirking at that, thinking of a twisted Goldilocks story, shame on you!!)

Bee Bald describes their Refresh wipes as “individually wrapped wipes provide the ultimate “on the go” solution for refreshing your head and face throughout the day. Each carton contains 30 individually wrapped wipes that can easily be stored in your pocket, glove box or desk drawer at the office. These super fresh wipes will give your head and face a quick “pick me up” anytime, anyplace.” with the benefits “Individually packaged washcloth-like wipes are infused with vitamins, antioxidants and antiseptic ingredients. Help to relieve dryness, wipe away shine and restore balance leaving the head and face feeling clean, fresh, smooth and revived.”

The wipes themselves have a pleasantly refreshing scent, and anytime I used one, it felt like a quick shower in the middle of the day!  However, I’ll admit that after the third or fourth day after shaving, once I was done, the wipe itself looked a little ragged.  I never had any particles or fuzz on my head from the wipes, so they held up in the most grueling of times, even if they looked like they were hanging on by a thread.

Really, the only true criticism I’d have regarding these wipes, is that they’re a bit small.  I have a big head.  There’s a lot of bald real estate to cover here!  The size in no way was a make or break situation (stop it!) in regards to the quality of the product. I’m just saying; a slightly larger wipe would be nice, There were a few times, especially if it had been a long morning or it was hot out, that it felt like I could have benefitted with the use of two wipes versus just one. I feel like a slightly larger wipe could eliminate that feeling.

Regardless of that, these were a great product and a pleasant surprise for this guy.  I travel daily for the day job, so these were a welcome companion that I was just able to keep in the car for when I felt the need to wipe the head down. I just kept the whole box behind my passenger seat, but these guys could easily be slipped into a pocket or stored in a glove compartment.

I’ve only just dipped my toe into the Bee Bald world, but I can tell you right now, I’m looking to be a customer for life.


These refreshing wipes from Bee Bald are individually wrapped pieces of heaven.


Bee Bald Refresh Wipes




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