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To Manscape or Not to Manscape?

To manscape, or not to manscape?  Seriously, what’s the answer to this?

A gorilla’s hairy back, just because.

I know a lot of people will say manscape!  But as someone who is, I admit; hairy, that’s not always the easiest thing.  If I trim or shave any general area of my body, then it just looks out of sorts compared to the rest, because well; I’m hairy.  I’m not talking about just the most private of areas either here, I’m talking about the whole enchilada!

I ask this because it’s summertime, which means pools, beaches, and just being outside without a shirt.  I have a hairy chest, which can easily be trimmed down or whatnot.  That’s not a big deal if I want to do it.  It can be a pain, sure, but if I decide that’s the route I want to take (or it’s requested) then it’s done.  No, my big issue is my back!  Yes, I have some back hair.  It’s not a little, but it also doesn’t look like I’m wearing a sweater year-round. I’m somewhere in the middle range.  I have groomed in the past, but I’ve had help, and nothing says sexy more than having your significant other help you with a razor or Nair!  (Gross)

This would be an easier subject if I was double-jointed or something where I could take care of it all on my own.

So what’s a guy to do?  Do I leave it?  Go get it waxed?  If I have a smooth back but hairy chest (and other areas) will that just look weird?  I don’t know, and I don’t know the answers!

So I ask:

Guys, what do you do?  If you do manscape, do you have help or what?

Girls, what’s your opinion on all this?

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