PlayStation’s New Accessibility-Focused Controller ACCESS is Available for Preorder

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Sony’s new Access controller; their accessibility-focused controller for PlayStation is set to launch on December 6. The device is now available to preorder at  AmazonBest Buy, or the Playstation Direct store with a price tag of $89.99.

Sony has published a blog that breaks down the development journey of the Access controller that also highlights how the controller can be personalized for an individual’s needs.

According to the blog post, development on the Access controller started over five years ago. Their team worked diligently on improving and enhancing the design of the controller, including six different concepts and prototypes. Sony actively collaborated with accessibility experts and gamers who have disabilities.

An interesting addition is that Sony didn’t stop just at the controller design, but considering the packaging itself. Sony claims that their new controller’s accessibility starts the moment to begin to unbox it. The packaging is designed to be opened with one hand, featuring loops that can be pulled from the left or right side. The interior features slots that conveniently organize the various kit components – including 19 interchangeable button caps and 3 stick caps – in a single layer for easy identification and access.

Along with the 19 interchangeable button caps and 3 stick caps, the controller also comes with four 3.5mm ports, which allows the connection of other accessibility accessories such as buttons and peddles that you see used with other accessibility toys and devices.

Along with highlighting all that’s coming with the Access controller, Sony also announced a partnership with Logitech, introducing the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access controller, which will be released in January 2024.

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