Microsoft Announces new Adaptive Accessories for Disabled Users

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Microsoft has announced a new lineup of adaptive accessories, allowing for modern technologies to be more inclusive for disabled users. Microsoft’s new lineup, designed by their Inclusive Tech Lab, comprises three devices: the Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and the Adaptive Hub.

“These adaptive accessories can perform a variety of functions, thereby alleviating a pain point for those who find it challenging to get the most out of their PC,” said Microsoft director of accessibility David Dame.

The new Microsoft adaptive accessories provide a highly adaptable, easy-to-use system. Each piece is designed in partnership with the disability community to empower people who may have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard to create their ideal setup, increase productivity, and use their favorite apps more effectively.

The Adaptive Mouse starts with the mouse core, a small, square-shaped module that houses basic mouse controls. The user can use the device as-is or pair the mouse with thumb support, which the user can place on the left or right side for better use. Along with custom 3D-printed “tails” that allow the mouse to adapt to specific physical needs.

The Adaptive Buttons provide up to eight customizable buttons that can perform different tasks. Just like with the Adaptive Mouse, users will be able to customize the controls to their needs through 3D-printed accessories.

The Adaptive Hub allows connection with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons, plus several additional controls using 3.5mm jacks with three distinct profiles for use with multiple devices.

Made to pair with existing Microsoft hardware such as the Surface Pro or any Windows PC. Allowing PCs to become more functional and inclusive for people with disabilities. As this is a realm I’m just entering and learning about for my son, I’m fascinated and excited to see where Microsoft takes this next.

Microsoft’s Adaptive Accessories are set to be released in the fall. No information on the cost of the devices yet.

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