dbrand iPhone Skin Review – The Hero We Need & Deserve

by Michael

This is not going to be your typical dbrand skin review. This is less about reviewing an iPhone skin from dbrand as it is telling you a story. This is not one of those scenarios you’re going to find dbrand promoting or highlighting as a use for their iPhone skins. This is a self-inflicted situation that dbrand, unbeknownst to them, helped me with.

You may find this hard to believe, but dbrand has saved me over $600.

Sounds a little far-fetched perhaps, that a company that makes skins, cases, and screen protectors could save me $600, but I’m being serious.

A quick story.

My iPhone recently had an unfortunate accident. One of those falls where the phone hits a surface just right and at just the right angle. My phone didn’t fall very far, but the impact once it hit the ground proved to be damaging.

Despite my phone being in a case (One that I was testing out for a review) when it contacted the ground, it did so in a way that the back glass cracked across the length of the body of the phone, not to mention the annihilation of the glass surrounding the camera area.

This was the point where I learned that getting the back glass replaced on an iPhone 12 Pro Max will run you $599 when you don’t have AppleCare+ (which I do not – lesson learned kids!).

So what to do? I don’t have $600 to just drop on an iPhone repair. The phone itself was working. The camera showed no signs of an issue. My phone was no longer waterproof, but that seemed to be the extent of it. (You know, besides all the cracked glass)

The first thing I did; I put my phone back into my old trusty OtterBox case. It had yet to fail me, so I had no reason not to return to it, especially because I was in the position I now found myself in because my phone was in, what proved to be an inferior case.

While a good starting point, the case alone didn’t feel like it was enough. That still left my camera exposed, plus I wanted to ensure my phone’s current predicament did not get worse.

I went with a double-layered approach. I would keep my phone in the case, but I’d also get a skin for the back of my phone and for around the camera. It wouldn’t make my phone waterproof again, but it would help protect the cracked glass and hopefully make my phone a little less sightly.

That’s where dbrand came to the rescue.

The ordering process was straightforward. I will say, the shipping and processing time left a bit to be desired. Not the quickest of processes, so this isn’t something you’d need to order or buy when you’re in a pinch. From the day of ordering to having my skin in hand was 15 total days, 11 of which were business days. While they’re upfront on processing and shipping times on their site and emails, it was still a painful wait!

The one thing with painful waits is, when they’re worth it, they’re not as painful.

And this wait was worth it.

The package I received came with two variations of the skin. One just for the back and camera and another made to cover the sides and back. I went with the latter.

Step-by-step instructions on their website helped me get this black beauty in the position I needed, and while I did not have an MRI machine handy to place the camera skin (watch the video, you’ll understand) I was successful in its application.

The results? Well, I’ll let the photos below speak for themselves.

Also, I’ll just let you know. This came out better than I had expected. I can’t think of a better way to say this; the skin, after applying to the phone, feels solid. You have to heat it with a hairdryer to give it pliability as you apply it to your phone, and I think that’s the key. Once it cools, it stiffens, and it has a solid feel to it. I went with the flat black and it looks sharp on my phone. If my phone wasn’t cracked (you can still see a crack through the apple cutout), I’d be hard-pressed to put this thing in a case again with how it looks.

Despite the camera area being mangled and cracked how it was, the camera skin went on without a hitch and looks great. Unless you knew before or knew where to look, you’d never know what my phone looked like before. She may never be waterproof again, but she looks sharp in her black dress!

For under $25 total, buying a dbrand iPhone skin is a no-brainer.

So, would I suggest dbrand to someone? I would. Seriously, this exceeded my expectations. The quality and feel are top-notch. The phone feels safe once the skin is applied. It’s just an all-around awesome experience. I would go as far as to say that I’d highly recommend dbrand skins to anyone that asked.

Want more proof? I wasn’t planning on doing a review. I grabbed this because I needed it and because a few Reddit posts I found suggested a skin to help protect the phone. Once I was on the other side of this, I felt compelled, because while dbrand may not realize it or even care, they saved my a$$ on this one. When the worst thing I can come up with to say is that it felt like it took forever to get my package delivered, you know it’s a solid product.

I’m a happy customer who had their expectations well exceeded.

dband iPhone Skin


Overall Score



  • Excellent quality
  • Well laid out step-by-step application instructions
  • Great price point


  • Shipping times causes impatience

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