Bluey-Inspired Wi-Fi Names to Help Show Off Your Bluey Love!

If you’re no stranger to Fatherhood Reloaded, you’re well aware of my unapologetic admiration for the animated gem, Bluey. In fact, if the Heelers haven’t won you over yet, I must pause and wonder about your life choices.

(Really, if Bluey hasn’t graced your screen yet and you’ve somehow stumbled upon this post, halt your reading, queue up an episode on Disney+ or YouTube, and then return here to thank me.)

If you love Bluey like me, you may be looking for new ways to show your love for the characters. One of those ways, of showing off your love for Bluey in a unique and, dare I say, tech-savvy way, is simply renaming your home Wi-Fi with a Bluey-Inspired Wi-Fi name.

Bear in mind that these are names pulled from quotes and dialog. Some of these are deep cuts, similar to the cards we used at our Bluey-themed birthday party.

Dance Modem

This can be for the episode of the same name, or even the recently released soundtrack album. You can even use this name to subtly express your love for Joff Bush. Regardless of the reason, Dance Modem is a solid name, and you won’t have to spend 20 dollar bucks to get out of it.

Lucky’s Dad’s Wi-Fi

Look, I’m not saying I agree with the theories regarding Chilli and Lucky’s Dad. Melanie Zanetti, the voice of Chilli herself, has come out debunking those theories. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found this by looking at the saved Wi-Fi passwords on Chilli’s phone.


The Shadowlands episode of Bluey is a solid, classic episode, despite Bluey not making it at the end. They’ve even made a board game based on the episode. So what better way to show your love for Coco by learning to play by the rules than to name your Wi-Fi after the game?

Tactical Wi-Fi

Let’s just all accept that Bingo is smarter than all of us. She knows about bats being ‘octurnal’, about everything in the whole world being made of atoms, and is the purveyor of the tactical wee. We should all be as insightful.

Nice Wi-Fi Rita!

Yes, I know, as if Rita would have Wi-Fi?! Regardless, if you’re a fan of Grannies Janet and Rita, this is a spot-on name for you to use.

Hammerbarn Aisle 300

‘Hammerbarn_Staff’ was an option, but referencing the aisle for a stone pizza oven is a clearer hint for your significant other. It’s at least a nicer way of doing it than pointing out how much nicer Lucky’s Dad’s lawn is looking, Chilli!!


Hey, I was at least getting one name on this list that was specifically named for Bandit! Sorry, it had to be done.

Network of Squibs

Clearly the guest’s Wi-Fi name over at Lucky’s Dad’s house. While Chilli may have the main network password, you know all Bandit gets to connect to is this one.


We’ve all been there. Sometimes coming up with a unique and creative name can be difficult. It can be downright tricky, even.

Aaaaaand Wi Should Fi Care?

In complete honesty; this is the Wi-Fi name that sparked my desire to put this list together. Any excuse to highlight Unicorse, I’m going to. So what better name than Unicorse’s catchphrase?!

Honorable Mention

I know the title says 10, but I had to mention a few additional ones that deserve to be mentioned.

Keepy Uppy

Let’s be real, that’s the hope of all of us, that our internet stays up. So Keepy Uppy is just not a name, but a hope.


If you don’t get this one, you’re not a fan, you may have never even watched an episode.

Wendy’s Pilates

Look, the woman has been doing pilates for 10 years; she deserves some time of recognition!

Selecting a Wi-Fi name is a unique form of self-expression, and it’s wise to avoid something as mundane as “Smith Family.” So, feel absolutely liberated to choose one from the above collection and let your Bluey adoration unfurl proudly!

And hey, if you’ve crafted your own Bluey-inspired Wi-Fi name, or perhaps conjured up something fresh that isn’t listed here, please feel free to share in the comments below. Let’s keep this list growing and the Bluey Love flourishing!

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