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Hey, there About Me page reader, I’m Michael.

Look, I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t write on this page. This whole “About me” page stuff seems so ambiguous, but here’s a short rundown of who I am.

I’m a father of 3, husband of 1, plus a cat, a dog, the whole thing.

I’ve worked in the technology field for the last 20+ years, which is mind-blowing to me. I’ve been a dad for 15 with a gap of nearly 12 years between kids #2 and #3.

I am, in no way, a parenting expert, nor do I feel like anyone could mislabel me as such. My life, however, could easily be a case study of the successes and failures, the trials and tribulations, the rollercoaster that is parenting, and adulthood as a whole. Especially when things do not go as you had envisioned 20 years ago. I’ve been divorced. I’ve been remarried. I have a different relationship and story with each of my children. If there’s one thing you can say about my life for certainty is that it has constantly and will forever go “off script”.

As such, so has this site.

What’s the deal with this whole site anyway?

I started Fatherhood: Reloaded in 2020 after getting married and my wife and I successfully got pregnant during the pandemic. Essentially “starting over” with becoming a father of a new baby over a decade since my last was born. For me, everything pointed towards starting a new site/blog. I felt the whole “becoming a dad again at 40” would lead to some funny posts and entertaining articles.

I had started a site back in 2009 when my daughter was born. It started as a personal blog and evolved into a tech blog, then into what became a rather successful pop culture site. Once my daughter’s mother and I divorced, life shifted and I closed the doors on that site. Something I still regret to this day, but honestly, it had shifted into something different than what I had started with.

So with everything going on, and having the itch to write and start a site again, I started noodling with name ideas “if” I decided to start something up. Once I found FatherhoodReloaded.com was an available domain, all signs pointed to starting this bad boy up!

So in November of 2020, I fired up the ole creativity, and Fatherhood: Reloaded was born!

I decided that this WAS going to be my site, my blog, everything I had wanted Geekasms (my first site) to originally be. So I pulled in all my old blog posts, starting back in 2009. Built things up with a foundation of things I did in the past and set on a path of dad blogging greatness!

That was until our son was born and our world was rocked.

A Script Rewrite

We were unaware until he was born, but our son has a condition called arthrogryposis. A nonprogressive condition that affects all of his extremities. It affected our son in both his arms and legs.

Everything changed then, including this site.

I almost closed up shop just a few months into this. I had such dreams of grandeur, not just with my son, but things I could cover and do with this site. It was a blow. Mourning a life I had anticipated that would never be.

Then, after a few weeks, I made a few changes. Just for my mental health, and to cope, I decided to not only keep chugging along with Fatherhood: Reloaded; I started a second blog: The Greene Affect.

For whatever reason, I have found writing to be extremely cathartic, and for my mental health, I needed both sites. So I now have The Greene Affect, where I document our journey with our son. It’s primarily things we share with family and friends, leaving Fatherhood: Reloaded for the masses.

So, just like my first site, this one is not what I once envisioned.

Fatherhood: Reloaded is now my digital getaway. A mental focal point for myself. It is just not a blog, but essentially a digital representation of myself.

So beyond the blog, I’ll be posting reviews of varying types (I LOVE doing tech reviews, in and outside of work!) I’ll have some entertainment stuff, which I’ll primarily keep as family/kid based, but no promises a Spider-Man or something from my geekier side doesn’t slip in once in a while. Plus some health and fitness stuff, along with a lot of arthrogryposis and related type posts. If you find it here on Fatherhood: Reloaded, there’s a connection to me. (Unless it’s a guest post, those will probably be hit or miss).

So there you have it. Unfortunately, a rather generic About Me article that sums things up about myself and the site.

social media

Social media and what accounts to plug is a curious thing for me, so this is how I think I’m going to do it.

If you are on social media and you’re looking for a fresh follow, and want to follow things related to this here website, feel free. I have social media links for various platforms for Fatherhood: Reloaded scattered throughout the site.

If you find yourself wanting a more personal touch, feel free to follow the links below, which will take you to my personal accounts. I only ask, that if you choose to follow me there, you just drop me a quick DM to say hi and to let me know you came from here.

And there you have it! I could easily ramble on more, but no one wants to read as much as I’ve written up to this point.

So I shall leave you with this; If you wish to contact me, get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

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