10 Resources to Help You Leave the ‘Sunday Scaries’ Behind

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Every weekend, you dread Sunday evenings. After all, that’s when the “Sunday Scaries” set in, and you feel overwhelmed and anxious about everything you need to tackle during the upcoming week. However, with the self-help resources from Fatherhood: Reloaded as well as the guides we’ve rounded up, you can make the Sunday scaries a thing of the past! Here’s how to make the most of your Sundays without stress.

Improve Your Mindset

You don’t have to spend your Sunday feeling completely stressed out. These resources are packed with tips that will help you chill out this weekend.

  • Make a routine out of meditating regularly on Sunday night to help you feel centered.
  • For a half-hour before bed, relax by doing yoga; this will help you sleep soundly!
  • Are your thoughts racing throughout the day? Pull out a journal and write down everything on your mind to clear your head.

Health and Fitness

Sticking with healthy habits throughout the weekend will allow you to feel your best when Monday eventually rolls around.

  • Want to indulge? Try this recipe for protein cookies — you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious and nutritious treat!
  • If you want to work out, but you don’t have the energy to push yourself, this basic weekend fitness routine will suit you perfectly.
  • Get motivated for your workouts by listening to a pump-up playlist with new headphones! Wireless varieties can allow you freedom of movement.
  • Make sure that you have convenient, healthy meals ready for the week by meal prepping ahead of time.

Tidying Your Home

Don’t forget to designate an hour or so to clean up around the house so that you’re totally organized when your workweek begins.

  • If you commute to work, take some time to clean out your car on Sunday – follow these tips to speed up the process!
  • Are you always scrambling to plan your outfits for the weekend? Organize and color-code your closet this Sunday.
  • Cleaning your home doesn’t have to take forever — this guide from Popular Mechanics will help you tackle every room quickly!

You don’t have to get stuck with the Sunday Scaries every weekend. Instead, you can use Sunday as an opportunity to get your life on track before heading to work on Monday. With inspiration from these resources, you can turn Sunday into your favorite day of the week!

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