YouTube Could Be Leaving Roku in December

Here we go again...

by Michael

Seems like there is always something.

In the latest chapter of Roku vs ___________, we have Roku vs Google, with YouTube hanging in the balance.

Roku is saying that Google, which owns YouTube, is demanding terms that Roku calls “anti-competitive”. They claim that Google is wanting them to provide search data and other user information. Roku also goes further saying that Google doesn’t have such demands with other platforms. In a truly shocking turn of events, Google denies it all and says that Roku’s claims are baseless.

It’s a countdown to Dec 9th

The bottom line, the two cannot come to an agreement, and the distribution of YouTube on all Roku devices is set to end on December 9th.

Roku’s deal to distribute the YouTubeTV app expired back in April, which had Roku removing the app from its channel store. If the two couldn’t come to an agreement over YouTube TV, I wouldn’t be holding my breath regarding YouTube itself. Roku continues to provide access to YouTube TV for subscribers who already had installed the channel, such as muah. YouTube also turned around and added a feature to the YouTube app that let users access YouTube TV. So December 9th could be a big blow to YouTube TV subscribers. Especially if they’re looking to get a new Roku device (also muah).

In a recent blog post, Roku said that Google’s actions were “not surprising, this kind of blatant retaliation and monopoly conduct is likely why the U.S. Department of Justice and 30 State Attorneys General are investigating Google for violating fair competition laws.” So yeah, not looking all that promising!

Roku, in that same blog post, says they are “working to resolve our differences”. Can someone get Dr. Phil or someone to get involved in this? I was looking forward to getting a new Roku device and bypassing my LG SmartTV’s trash webOS.

If you currently have a Roku or had planned on getting one soon, it may be best to go ahead and grab one. Get it pre-loaded before the December 9th cutoff. Enjoy YouTube while you can. At least this goes down after Black Friday? Right?





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