The Dad Chronicles – A Photo Worth 1,000 Words

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By Michael

This basically wraps up around 2 to 3 separate posts that I’ve never gotten around to writing.  This picture captures some of Bug’s latest obsessions and interests.

Let’s see what we have here in this one picture.  Wearing 2 separate boots/shoes (she had been stomping around in my flip flops about 5 minutes before I grabbed this picture.)  She’s wearing hair bands and my Power Balance band on her wrist.  Not sure what has gotten her started on this, but anything she can find to wear on her wrists, she puts it on.  Silly Bandz, hair bands, rubber bands, my Power Balance bands; we even bought her some jelly bands hoping she’d stick to just them, but she has just incorporated them into her collection.  In no exaggeration, if we let her go wild, she could have 10-15 on each wrist.  She’s even starting putting them on her ankles too!

Finally, we have her talking on the phone too.  Now admittedly I have fun with this one, if I catch her playing on the house phone or a cell phone, I’ll call it for her to answer and hear me on the other end.  If she brings me the phone, I’ll even act like I’m her stockbroker or something, asking if she wants to buy or sell and relaying her responses until she grabs the phone and starts yelling into it as if she’s bossing someone around.  I realize I won’t find it as funny if I get a bill and she’s called Australia or something and left the phone off the hook without me realizing it, but until then, I do have fun with it.

This is definitely one of those pictures to save and show her when she’s older, as it captures her at this age in a perfect way.  At a time when she wants to play with everything and her imagination is racing, I grabbed her doing 3 of her favorite things right now.  A perfect example of a picture worth a 1,000 words, and one I couldn’t save until the next Wordless Wednesday.

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