WandaVision Strucker Watch Replicas Now Available

by Michael

First, it was the WandaVision Wedding Ring set, and now we have the Hydra Strucker watch that you can add to your collection.

That’s right!  Straight from the fan theory inducing commercial of the second episodes of the Disney+ series comes the watch replica of your (and Wanda’s) dreams and/or delusions.  While the wedding rings are a token of love and dedication, the Strucker watch can remind you of not only Baron Wolfgang von Strucker’s ties to Hydra, but also his involvement in conducting experiments on Wanda and her brother Pietro.  Yes, said experiments involving Loki’s scepter, aka the Mind Stone, are what gave Wanda and Pietro their powers, the essence of the watch just isn’t as happy and cheerful as those wedding rings. (And ain’t no one wanting any Hydra Soak!)


The gold-tone watch features the familiar Strucker name on the face, with “Hydra 1000” below in green,  and a tiny Hydra symbol, too.  The WandaVision Replica Strucker Watch can be purchased now, from Hot Topic for $19.99

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