Tim Burton’s BATMAN Movie Gets an Official Modern Recut Trailer

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By Michael

An official updated, modern-style trailer for Tim Burton’s classic 1989 Batman movie has been released by DC.

The trailer comes with the following note:

In 1989, the world changed forever when the first modern superhero movie arrived. Tim Burton brought together Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger to create an instant classic. Hopefully this modern recut inspires you to view BATMAN (1989) in a fresh light.

Not completely sure what got Warner Bros. and DC to release this modern recut trailer for the film, but it likely has something to do with Michael Keaton’s return as the caped crusader in this summer’s The Flash. More-so as he is a prominent figure in the new trailer that was released during the Super Bowl.

You can check out Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman from 1989 on HBO Max, and on June 23rd in The Flash.

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