THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Promotional Art has Surfaced!

Clearly Spoilers

by Michael

Back when I first launched the original Geekasms, I remember one of the first posts to ever get legit traction was a promotional art leak that featured the first look at the newly incoming MCU Thor. It has been well over a decade since that post, but things eventually come full circle, as we again have leaked promotional art giving us our first looks at what Thor and Jane’s Mighty Thor will be sporting in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Right out of the gate, looking at these two, their costumes are gorgeous and truly do “pop”. Plus, if this image is anything to go by, Natalie Portman truly did put in the work and effort to bulk up for the role. Both costumes scream comic-inspired. Thor: Love and Thunder are clearly going to be a colorful movie, and I for one cannot wait.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8, 2022

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