This Christmas Ad from the Netherland’s DocMorris is what 2020 Needed

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By Michael

DocMorris, a pharmacy company out of the Netherlands (I’m thinking maybe the Walgreens of the Netherlands?) has put together a short Christmas ad that will immediately pull at the heartstrings, which is appropriate as the message looks to be about heart health. (Google translate can only help me so much here.)

In what they’re calling their short Christmas film, the video shows a Grandfather slowly, but surely getting into shape.  I won’t spoil it, you’ll have to watch until the end, but it really reminded me of one of my great grandfathers, who I was fortunate enough to know until my teens.  I’d like to think that this is a follow-up with the Dad from the recent Coke Christmas ad, many years down the road after his daughter had grown and had a child of her own.  I think it may be time to start putting together the CAU – the Christmas Advertisement Universe!!

For those curious: the text at the end of the ad says “So that you can take care of what really matters in life. #Mattersoftheheart”

Leave it to the Netherlands to remind us what really matters in such a chaotic year!

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