The Swanky Beaver #DADDUTY Diaper Bag Backpack is the Ultimate of all Bags

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By Michael

UPDATE: It looks like Swanky Beaver may no longer be available. The products are listed as Unavailable on their Amazon Store, saying ‘We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.’

Which sucks, because it’s a pretty sweet backpack!

My original review is below:

So turns out, that writing a review for a backpack isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I originally started with a whole “what’s in a bag” trope and listed the ridiculous number of things I currently have in this diaper bag backpack from Swanky Beaver. When the list went from diaper wipes to my laptop, it felt like overkill.

Then I considered the angle of the need for a bag with all our traveling with our son and his doctor appointments, therapies, etc., and how perfect this bag is for that, but no one wants to read all that!

I even considered a “Storytime with Michael” where I talked about searching for weeks for a new travel bag after our son was born and finding nothing that felt “right” and ever fit with what I wanted.

The reality is; that no one wants that much gobbledegook in a review. Hell, a good portion of you will probably just scroll down to the bottom of this and see the final review score. It’s all good, I’m the same way. To avoid any unneeded background story or unnecessary chatter, let’s just get to the meat of this:

The #DADDUTY Diaper Bag Backpack from Swanky Beaver is legit, my favorite backpack I’ve ever had. Forget about just being a diaper bag (which it is amazing as!) but I’m talking backpack, across all backpack flavors, period.

I travel constantly for work, be it a few hours, to a different office, or farther away for overnight trips. Rest assured, I’ll run the gambit of all travel possibilities throughout the year. I once was an awful trip packer, even for just a night. After years of doing so, I’ve become rather efficient at packing, and the key to all that efficiency is the bag of choice. A backpack with enough pockets and space to allow it to be used for multiple disciplines.

So as important an efficiency level-determining tool as the bag of choice can be, that becomes exponentially more true once you throw an infant into the mix. Diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, teething tablets, bottles, bibs, toys, the list can go on and on. I mean, there’s a reason that there’s such an enormous selection within the diaper bag universe.

As much as we like to think all bags are unitaskers, the fact is; they are not and most fall short. And if you don’t consider a diaper bag to be a unitasker in the bag community, then friend, you’re kidding yourself.

At Swanky Beaver we realise the importance of Dads bonding with their kids and being present as they grow up. That’s why we designed a Diaper backpack that makes you feel comfortable and proud to wear when you’re out with your child. Yes it’s a diaper bag but who can tell with all that manly styling going on hey. You’re going to feel comfortable at the playground with the kids and on the sports field with other dads. Wear your Swanky Beaver with pride no matter where you go.

Well, to quote He-Man himself, with Swanky Beaver, “I have the power!”

Legit, this diaper bag backpack is kick ass. I’m hard-pressed not to use it as my daily work backpack, I love it that much.

Hell, my dad complimented on how good-looking a backpack was. The quality and look of it all impressed him, and that’s a hard thing to do. I’m talking about if you get a compliment of any kind from my dad that doesn’t also include some type of low-cutting remark or comparison, you’re shooting like 3 levels above a gold star!

There are pockets for days on this thing! So much so that I overlooked the frontmost pocket at least the first two times I used the bag.

The bag itself has 36L of space, with the thought being that this isn’t just a diaper bag, but a bag to carry all things, keeping your hands free to carry your little one or hold your wife’s hand. Extra padding in the large rear pocket is to help keep your laptop and other valuables safe. This bad boy even has an insulated zipped side pocket to keep drinks warm or cool. There are enough interior pockets that I’m sure I’ll misplace something at some point, but this bag has a place for everything, including an easily accessible pocket just for wet wipes/baby wipes.

USB dad port for on-the-go charging? Considering it done!

From Swanky Beaver themselves:

Our Swanky Beaver diaper bag backpack has all the usual features you may find in a diaper bag with integrated stroller straps, a built-in wipes pocket, and a changing pad. Plus many more features like the insulated side pocket for keeping those bottles warm, a USB port so you can charge your phone or tablet on the go, a very large rear pocket for your laptop or other quick-access items, Molle webbing to attach other accessories like our dump pouch. The Detachable Molle wet bag is very handy for those blow-out moments when a diaper needs to be changed. When your little one(s) grow up this Swanky Beaver bag is perfect for everyday life.

The reality is, this bag is so outstanding I could write a review for a travel backpack or hiking backpack, and it would still hit all the marks, yet it’s a diaper bag!! Just by looking at it, if it wasn’t for my sweet #DADDUTY patch, no one could ever tell at a glance I was carrying a diaper bag.

I’ve used this backpack not only as my son’s diaper bag, but mine as well, holding my own change of clothes, my laptop, phone charger, and more during our overnight trips. I’ve carried it for hours at a time between hiking, festivals, and more, and as crazy functional as this bag is, it’s honestly one of the most comfortable backpacks I’ve ever carried.

Check out that sweet #DADDUTY patch, #AMCSupport pin, and Spidey hand sanitizer looking over Flat Lick Falls in McKee, KY

Trust me, that “dump pouch” comes in really handy when an outfit gets struck down with a blowout while on the road!

I seriously searched for weeks for a new backpack that I could use as my “carry-all” during our Greenville trips to visit the Greenville Shriner’s Hospital. I may have come across Swanky Beaver 5 months too late from buying a new backpack, but I can tell you, Swanky Beaver is my one and only now!

‘Tis my favorite!

So ladies, if you’re looking to get your guy a new bag so he can be the one lugging the diapers around, this is your best bet.

Guys, are you looking to get a good bag that, while not overly flashy or babified, knocks it out of the park with functionality? Here’s your go-to. You can even get in good with your baby momma and get her a backpack of her own. While it’s marketed towards Dads, there’s no reason Mom can’t carry this bad boy! Lord knows it’s more functional than the bags she’s likely getting at her baby shower. If she doesn’t already have a bag, this would make a legit perfect “push present” to have ready at the hospital for when you bring your new bundle home

I’m being serious here, guys. This is the backpack to have!


Swanky Beaver #DADDUTY Diaper Bag Backpack


Overall Score



  • Pocket for everything
  • Looks sexy
  • Pouch for wipes for easy access is pretty sweet


  • My son was 6-months old before I found this bag

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