The Seesaw Affect

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By Michael

I rarely get pics sent to me from kids’ mothers, but once in a while I do, and typically they’re a random shot, maybe to show me what they’re doing, or what they wore. Case in point, I get this picture sent to me of my Bug earlier:

I can’t help but smile looking at it even now. That’s my baby girl, always goofy, always happy, imaginative, and wanting to make you smile. It warms my heart to see her goofy like this, then almost immediately puts me to tears. (Tearing up typing this)

It just makes me miss her worse than I do and knowing her heart and how she is, I miss her goofiness, her silliness, her laugh. I can hear her trying to make up a voice to go with that mask and I smile with a tear rolling down my cheek. The reaction is such a seesaw of emotion, I almost get mad at myself at times. That I should be stronger and able to keep it together better.
Hopefully one day soon I can keep from seesawing with myself, while it’s been the only time I’ve been able to, I’m not enjoying it.

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