The Sauce……The Sauce!!!!!

by Michael

A strange thing has been going on with Canaan lately, he has developed what seems like a phobia to sauce. (In this case, saltomaphobia for anyone curious.  I know you were wondering!!)  When I say sauce, I don’t mean like ketchup or bbq sauce or anything like that, he’s never liked those. (Yes, a kid that doesn’t like ketchup DOES exist!)  The newest thing this weekend has been that he doesn’t want anything to do with pizza or spaghetti sauce.  I realize that these quirks and changes in him will be more out of the blue for me, especially when there could be a simple cause or reason and I’m unaware of it, but this just seems, well…..weird.  He’s never had an issue with pizza or spaghetti when he’s been here in the past, and now, he was nearly in tears on the thought of having to eat spaghetti for lunch.

Fighting with him over what to eat isn’t anything new, he has an affinity for junk food, and I’ve had to have more than one argument with him regarding not having cereal for lunch or supper, but this is different.  It bothers me when he has quirks like this and I’m unaware of the origin of it.  It bothers me more when, I go to ask him, about anything really, and he clams up.  I do my best to be there for him, and for him to realize he can rely on me, and confide in me, but its hard to maintain.  We have a few good weekends, then a few bad ones.  Fortunately, in this case, we came out well.  He ate his lunch, even showing pride in the fact that he ate the spaghetti, realizing and admitting that it was in fact good, even saying he’d eat it again if asked.  The biggest hurdle and I know this in advance, in two weeks’ time when he’s here again, I’ll likely have to have the same arguments with him.  Its just part of it I guess, I just hope that rather than just weathering the storm, I’ve managed to take a step up on the ladder and he begins to realize, that even though I’m not with him every day, that I do love him, want only the best for him, and won’t push him in the wrong direction.  Even when it’s something as simple as a sauce.

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