THE MANDALORIAN – Timothy Olyphant Role Sees Him in Boba Fett’s Armor!

by Michael

Last week we found out that Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood and Justified had been cast in the second season of The Mandalorian.  At the time his roll was a mystery, but now /Film is giving out some intriguing new details regarding Olyphant’s character, who appears to be an established character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and similar to Grand Admiral Thrawn, is now being pulled into the official cannon.

According to /Film, Olyphant filmed scenes for the show, wearing the iconic armor of Boba Fett, and since its already been reported that Temuera Morrison is playing the role of the fan-favorite bounty hunter, that points to Olyphant playing a character named Cobb Vanth.

Cobb Vanth was a self-appointed sheriff of a settlement on Tatooine known as Freetown in the Aftermath series of novels from Chuck Wendig.  Vanth had acquired Fett’s familiar Mandalorian armor from a group of Jawas (shocking) who had scavenged it.

Since we know Boba Fett is alive and breathing, and that Olyphant will have his armor, are we looking at a showdown between the two?

Looks like Raylan is coming to Tatooine boys and girls!!

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