THE ICE AGE ADVENTURES OF BUCK WILD – Trailer and Poster Released

Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild arrives on Disney+ on January 28th, 2022

by Michael

The Ice Age is back and getting Buck Wild!

A full trailer and poster have been released ahead of the Disney+ release of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. The animated sequel to the Ice Age films features Simon Pegg as the voice of Buck, the crazed one-eyed weasel. You also have in the cast Vincent Tong as Crash, Aaron Harris as Eddie, and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Orson.


In The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, originally known as Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild, The fearless one-eyed weasel Buck teams up with the mischievous possum brothers Crash & Eddie as they head off on a new adventure into Buck’s home: The Dinosaur World.

Rather than give my opinion on this film, I’ll just drop the poster below for all you lovely people.

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