The Greene Affect – The Power of Ten

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We have made it to the ten-month mark!

We survived the holidays and we’re at the calm before the storm that will be HG’s first birthday in just 2 months. (Crazy!)

I don’t feel like Jenna would disagree with me when I say that the last month has been one of the more challenging than we’ve had since last spring. The Ponseti casts and bar setup that Harrison has had for the past three weeks has proven to be his most aggravating.

It’s crazy to think that the casts our son currently has on are his seventh. Well, seven has proven to be unlucky this go-round, as this is the first time that Harrison could not kick his left leg freely. I knew it was going to be rough going having the bar. It was a nightmare getting him to sleep the last time when we had him in the Dobbs bar, but man oh man, has this been a rollercoaster!

Plus, add the up and down schedule of Christmas, and having his siblings at the house for a full week. Not to mention a few birthdays (where someone got to practice blowing out candles) and, well, baby boy has had less than a calm December.

That’s not saying it has been bad in any way. We’ll just call it exhausting!

Christmas proved to be a busy time for us. While he may not have been for it 100% of the time (he may or may not be a homebody), ultimately he was happy at the end of the day, if for no other reason than because he got to eat all the food that he did. (Baby boy loves himself some stuffing!!)

The highlight for him, though, may just have been having his older siblings at home for an entire week. He may not get to see them every day, but Harrison knows his older brother and sister. When he’s able to have them at the house, he loves it. He immediately lights up anytime they enter the room he’s in, even if they’re just passing by on the way to the refrigerator.

December also carried with it learning new things like blowing raspberries to the point of looking like a rabid baby! (Plus finally giving in and saying “Momma”)

We head to Greenville for our next appointment next week, where casts #7 come off, and two days of therapy there before heading home.

After that, it’s full steam ahead to birthday time!

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