The Best Gets Better – Peekaboo Barn gets updated!!

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By Michael

When things are good, most people just sit back and enjoy it, but Night & Day Studios, the people behind the brilliant Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild are not nearly that easily satisfied, as they have put out what is arguably a sizeable update to their already amazing and popular iPhone and iPad app Peekaboo Barn.

For those that do not know, Peekaboo Barn looks and feels like a virtual pop-up book for your child.  Starting off with a bouncing barn, if you listen you can hear a sound coming from the barn, giving you and your child a chance to guess that animal before touching to screen to watch the barn doors open up, listen to the noise again, and then have the animals’ name announced, giving your child the chance to learn the names of some of their favorite animals, who are illustrated by Divya Srinivasan, whose work is regularly featured in the New Yorker.  With the brilliance of that formula, there is no doubt that Peekaboo barn is the #1 must-have app for all parents who have toddlers and infants.

If you check out Peekaboo Barn at the iTunes store, the update is listed as follows:

New features:

* New animals — You’ve asked and we’ve listened!  Now there are three new animals in the barn: chicken, rabbit, and a mouse. 

* New English pronunciation option — In addition to the child narrator, there is now an adult narrator who pronounces all animal names correctly. Choose which narrator you would like to use in the language section of Options.

* Detects Mute Switch on iPhones — if your Mute Switch is on, an indicator appears telling you that you won’t hear any sound.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of this app.  It’s simple, yet pure genius.  One of the very few apps out there that not only can entertain a toddler and up, but educate them as well.  My 1-year-old daughter has been entertained by Peekaboo Barn since she was old enough to look at the screen (I had originally downloaded it to entertain my son one busy day waiting at a doctor’s office), my daughter now can work the phone herself, loving the rooster and rabbit the most right now.

I originally called this one of the best apps for a toddler (and infant) on the iPhone.  I was wrong in narrowing it down so much.  It’s the top app for any parent with a young child.  Its one of the top reasons I as a parent am getting the iPad!  Not only have they updated Peekaboo Barn with all that’s listed above, but they’ve also made both Peekaboo Barn and the sequel Peekaboo Wild compatible for the iPad!  Making these vibrant, creative animals come to life on even a bigger screen, and you know watching your child’s eyes light up, or in my case, light up and dance, will be well worth it.

Priced at $1.99, this app is an absolute must for any parent!!  If you need further proof, they also offer a Free version of Peekaboo Barn, and as an extra bonus, I have a promo code available for one lucky reader that comments on this article.  Now go a download Peekaboo barn, and if you don’t smile when you hear “piiiig!!” well…my good sir, you’re not living!

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