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We love learning about the latest and greatest apps for the iPhone and iPad, or about ones that we’ve somehow missed  – and reviewing them. If you’ve got an app for the iPhone or iPad that you’d like us to look at, please reach out via our Contact page or feel free to send us an email letting us know about it.  Send your email to:

[email protected]

To help us gauge the interest our readers will have in your app and help us consider it for review and posting, please give at least some of the following in the email:

– Give a thorough description of what your app does and who you think will enjoy it the most

– Tell us about the app’s key features

– At least include screen captures and if available video demos

– Provide links to the website supporting the app and to its App Store page

If one is available, providing a promo code for the app is greatly appreciated and would help the speed at which your app will be reviewed. Let me point this out, a promo code is not a requirement to be reviewed!

We look forward to hearing from you about your exciting iPhone apps!!

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