Start Lifting Like Captain America with the Hero Elite Series from Onnit!

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By Michael

The company Onnit, which provides supplements, foods, and fitness equipment for helping people achieve a new level of well-being that they call Total Human Optimization, has an End Game to all superhero-themed workouts, with a Marvel-themed series of training equipment called The Hero Elite Series. The line features a series of functional fitness equipment inspired by iconic Marvel characters and designed to help you build super-strength.

Currently available are:

Captain America Shield Barbell Plates

Captain America Shield Barbell Plates

The Iron Man Helmet Kettlebell

Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man Kettlebell

And finally, Spider-Man Battle Ropes

Spider-Man Battle Ropes

So yeah, it’s hard to deny how awesome these are!!  Can’t help but love a good superhero/gym mashup!!

You can check out a bit more information, sign up for email updates, and purchase Onnit’s cools gear at

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