SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Spoiler-Free Review

by Michael

The best Spidey film that is equal parts hair-raising and heartbreaking

I have sat, trying to determine how to write a Spider-Man: No Way Home review and be spoiler-free. Typically, I wouldn’t be as conscious about it, and I’m sure I’ll write a spoiler-filled post, but for this, I’m going to avoid it. This movie is meant to be seen knowing as little as humanly possible. This is a film, that if it wasn’t for the internet and spoilers floating everywhere, would blow moviegoers’ minds again, and again, and again. I understand why marketing spoiled the villains in the film, and yeah, that may take a bit of the “oomph” from those reveals, but the emotion that this film pulls from you is no more lessened by that than anything else.

I’ve been a Spider-Man fan since I was 10. So I’ve put in a good 30 years, and this film not only matched but exceeded my expectations. (And this coming from someone who DOES read the leaks/rumors/spoilers online.)

I promise that isn’t hyperbole. I was nervous for Spider-Man: No Way Home, because the rumors and leaks had expectations so ridiculously high in a certain corner of the fandom that I thought people were for sure going to find things to be disappointed in.

I don’t see how you can walk away feeling disappointed about anything in this film frankly.

I know many people have complained that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has never had a true solo film. You’ve had Iron Man, Nick Fury, and even Mysterio be in places of inspiration or elevations to the point you question IF they could give us a solo Peter Parker/Spider-Man story. Well, although we yet again have another hero involved in the story, this time being Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a movie that focuses on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in a way we haven’t had before. Yes, this is a Spider-Man film, and the trailers have shown us the villains and the multiverse, but you don’t have Spider-Man without Peter Parker. You don’t have Peter Parker without his family and friends. This film, at its core, is about Peter Parker and the people in his life that he cares about.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a blast seeing Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and Willem Dafoe back as Doc Ock, Electro, and Green Goblin. While it was great seeing them interact with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, I think some of my favorite parts came from them interacting with one another. Osborne and Octavious, two characters from the same universe, knew one another, but we never got to see them interact. Then you have this new and improved Electro spitting out attitude at their banter, was just enjoyable. Perhaps a little fan-servicey at times, but it was never to the detriment of the film. All the villains were treated well and well handled with respect to their previous films.

I saw the film last night, writing this the next day, and I’m still emotionally coming down from this film. Yes, it’s awesome seeing Spider-Man back on screen after the past few years we’ve had. Seeing all these classic villains from previous film series, brought into and shown again in an MCU film, is crazy to me. It highlights a flaw for most superhero films, where the principal antagonist nearly always passes away, removing any chance of revisiting them. Revisiting all these villains was a blast! I loved it. What I loved more, and look forward to seeing again in my second viewing, will be all the emotional beats this film has. Watching this film, I laughed, I cried, I cheered. I smiled more than I have in a movie in a long while.

While the film is filled with incredible action, which you would expect nothing less from a Spider-Man and Marvel movie, the film is deep with emotions. You, of course, have happy and good-hearted moments, loving and touching moments, but the film also gets a little dark at times. It’s a rollercoaster throughout, with huge dramatic moments.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has become my favorite Spider-Man movie. Even with knowing what to expect, I was still a mess through the whole thing. This film is a superhero movie through and through. This is the heroic Spider-Man at his best, but it is also a very Peter Parker heroic film. Something that has occasionally been lost in the films; That it is Peter Parker, not Spider-Man that is the true hero.

The actors in the film are clearly having fun and enjoying themselves and that translates onto the screen. You can tell these actors enjoyed having another opportunity to step into the shoes of these characters again.

The film is a journey, one I loved and one that I can’t wait to take again. This is a film that you WANT to watch in a theater filled with fans. Marvel and Spider-Man fans are going to love this film!

As I texted my friend as we left the theater: Now that was a movie!


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