The Dad Chronicles – Spaghetti Hair

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By Michael

Okay, this just might be with my kids in my home, but I have a feeling this isn’t isolated, so I throw this question out to you:  Why do kids want to put spaghetti in their hair and on top of their heads?!  At least for me, this seems to be the only food that gets the privilege of being carefully and purposefully placed on the top of one’s cranium.  Sure, others will be thrown, smashed, played with and anything else those little minds can come up with, but spaghetti, with or without sauce, is thought out, calmly placed.  A calculated action by one so small.

I realize the argument could be made that food manages to make its way into kids’ hair all the time, and I don’t disagree.  I was just having to clean cookie out from behind Bug’s ear just the other day and wondering how she managed to get it there.  I’m not arguing or questioning that, because that can happen with a simple arm movement or having to scratch one’s head.  That is a common occurrence.

No, I’m asking, why is it spaghetti that gets the special treatment of intentionally, not accidentally or randomly placed, but intentionally placed on top of the head?  I cannot begin to question one’s motives when it comes to such, but all I can do is submit the following picture as evidence…

I rest my case, your honor.  The Spaghetti Hair Monster is alive and well at the Geekasm household. (Until the bath water is running, of course)

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