PUMA is Releasing a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Sneaker

by Michael

Nostalgia runs wild, and this time that could be literal, as PUMA is releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Future Rider sneaker on their website starting December 4th, the same day that Columbia releases their The Mandalorian line.

PUMA and Nintendo® are teaming up to bring you the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System™ shoe. With colors and graphics inspired by the original NES™ console, these kicks are the perfect pair for play, no matter if it’s outside or on the couch.

The shoes will feature the color scheme from the original NES and include the box art for the original Super Mario Bros. game that was released with the system, on the shoe’s tongue, and a power button on the heel.  An NES controller tag also comes with the shoes.

No word on how often you’ll need to blow on the shoes before putting them on.

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