Personal Challenge: A Month Without the Gym

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By Michael

So, I’ve set a personal challenge to go a month without going to the gym.  I will come right out and admit, this might not be the wisest move I could make, but I just let my gym membership slip for the month, and I don’t plan on renewing it until next month.  This mainly comes about because of two reasons:

  • I have my daughter for the first week of the month.
  • I’m going on vacation for the 3rd week of the month.

I only have my kids a set number of weeks during the summer, so when I do have them, I typically don’t go to the gym because that’s taking precious time away from them, and the daily 9-5 job does enough of that.  So there’s one week out the window, plus the week we’re gone is a no-brainer, so that’s half the month right there!  No reason to pay for a full month’s membership when I’m only going to be using MAYBE half of that.  (I say that because even during the other 2 weeks, there are baseball games and other events likely to keep me away from the gym)  So what’s the game plan?

Tighten the belt some on eating and meal preps

This is something that is not ALWAYS easy when I have the kids, and it’ll be a true uphill battle the week we’re at the beach.  However, the way I see it, if I’m not going to be burning the calories, I don’t need to be bringing them in, so I’m going to be monitoring my caloric intake a bit more than I typically do, just to try to manage to stay at the same weight I’m currently at.  I’m not crazy and looking to trim down any this month, let’s be realistic.  So for the month of June, I’m just looking to maintain where I’m at.

Exercise at home

This is a double bonus, because not only will it not cut into my time with the kids when I have them, but I’ll be able to do some of the same exercises the week I’m gone.  Plus, it’ll give me extra excuses to try out and review a few products and apps along my way for here on SG.  (So if you have any suggestions, hit me up!)

Up the cardio

I’ll come out and admit I hate cardio, so it was easy for me to slip away from it once I started getting heavier into lifting.  I’ve been seeing a few flaws in this, especially with my goals and desire to trim this spare tire I still have going on, so I’m looking to do a bit more running, both at the track and around my house.  Might even include some bike riding if I go pick it up and bring it back home.

So, I have 2 why I’m not going to the gym this month, along with 3 goals that are coming from that.  I say that’s a good balance, don’t you?

I’ll be sure to check in on my progress before hitting the road for vacation, and you can always check out Twitter and Instagram for random updates.

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