My most popular Reddit post has been a photo of a Pothos Plant

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By Michael

Sometimes you just can’t make these things up, and this is one of those instances.

Below is a post I randomly threw up on Reddit a while back, and somehow, somewhere, it blew up and proves to be my most successfully upvoted and awarded post on Reddit, ever.

And it was simply a photo of a pothos plant my wife bought a few years ago.

The post in question is of Seymour. I was posting the photo because we recently realized how much the plant was growing as it has now begun draping across the floor. For comparison, here is a photo of Seymour back in April of this year:

As you can see, he’s grown a bit more in the past few months. Clearly, he likes where he is as he continues to circle the mirror he encompasses. Hopefully soon, the gateway to his land will open, and we’ll be able to transverse through the mirror ala Neo.

Seriously, the most successful post on Reddit, ever, was just a photo of a houseplant. (and Penny)

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