May the 4th Be with You – A Two Month Journey

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By Michael

I’m going to just be upfront about this; when HG was born and we learned he had arthrogryposis, my thoughts and excitement over this Yoda onesie quickly diminished and went to the back of my mind. When I originally wrote about our trials of ordering this single outfit for our son, I promise I held back the excitement, so feeling as if he’d never be able to wear it was a heavy blow.

Well, in honor of Star Wars Day, and to celebrate HG turning 2 months old, I thought “why not”?

This Dad was joyfully surprised that at the 2-month mark, this little guy fills out this 3-6 month outfit pretty well!

A lot has been learned in these past 2 months. It hasn’t been the easiest of roads getting here, I fully admit, but I’m thankful we’re here.

I’m thankful for my baby boy and the fact he’s able to rock out in his Yoda onesie.

The force is strong with this child indeed.  How incredibly fitting this single outfit is proving to be!



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